25 practical tips to stop drinking and start being sober

how to quit drinking alcohol on your own

The problem of alcoholism is a scourge of modern society. It touched millions of people, ruined tens of thousands of lives, despite the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

If this problem has affected you, do not give up ahead of time.

If you do not know where to start the fight against alcohol abuse, read this article, in it you will find useful tips for yourself, putting them into practice in your life, you will definitely be able to start a new life filled with vivid emotions.

Admit your problem

Remember that acknowledging a problem is half the solution. Sit down in a calm atmosphere, reflect on how you have been living lately, what bothers you. Consider what prevents you from living the way you would like. If you admit to yourself that alcohol deprives you of full-fledged communication with family and friends, stops your career growth, worsens your well-being, you will wake up with a desire to quit using. And then all your thoughts will be aimed at getting rid of the bad habit. Trust in the power of your consciousness and trust it.

Ask your loved ones for help

Do not hesitate to admit that you are addicted and you need the support of your family. Have a heart-to-heart talk, tell about your experiences and desire to change. Do not worry, they will not turn away from you, they also suffer from your alcohol abuse. Together you will cope with your illness.

Do not be afraid to confess your addiction to the public

Believe me, it is very difficult to hide the fact of alcohol addiction from prying eyes, most of your friends and colleagues have already guessed about it. By acknowledging that you are trying to recover from addiction, you will receive even more support in your quest to start a healthy lifestyle.

Declare openly that you intend to quit drinking

So you save yourself from unnecessary temptations and suggestions to drink alcohol. Your friends will stop suggesting that you celebrate any holiday with alcohol. Most likely, looking at your transformation, they will also take the path of a healthy and active life. You will change not only your life for the better.

Visualize your future life

Play with your imagination, imagine your future life without alcohol addiction. Think about how you will spend the weekend with your family, skiing together, playing snowballs with the kids, spending time on a picnic, rollerblading. Think about how much happier you will be if you stop suffering from alcoholism. And how much more free time you will have for fulfilling old desires and spending time together with your loved ones.

Find competent specialists

Quitting drinking on your own is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Unfortunately, very few people manage to do this. But try to be positive and do your best. To do this, you will need qualified assistance from specialists. To find competent professionals, search the Internet for reviews of those who have already managed to overcome their addiction, and also turn to word of mouth - one of the oldest reliable sources of information. Don't worry about the impact of addiction treatment on your future - the days when such treatment could ruin your career are far behind. Now this is purely confidential information, covered by the secret of medical ethics. Not sure which doctor to contact for help? Read the following tips.

Get psychological support from a specialist

Yes, you are already supported by your family, friends and colleagues. But a competent psychologist will do it professionally. While undergoing psychological therapy, you will also deal with your second "I", resolve internal conflicts that may have led you to alcohol addiction. It is important to understand why you started drinking and solve this problem in order to avoid possible relapses and a healthy, happy life.

Don't neglect the help of a psychotherapist

Working with a competent psychotherapist will help to influence consciousness more deeply than a therapy session with a psychologist. A competent specialist will select the right program for you, thanks to which your consciousness is transformed and it will be easier for you to give up alcohol addiction.

Take a course of treatment with a narcologist

The narcologist will prescribe medications for you to help the body reject alcoholic beverages. Do not be afraid of this, it will not do any harm if you follow all the recommendations of the doctors. But ignoring this treatment in 90% of cases leads to a recurrence of addiction. You don't want that, do you?

Be patient

You have embarked on a long and difficult journey to get rid of alcohol addiction. Nobody said it was easy. Tune in to the result. Remember that during treatment for alcohol addiction, you suffer for a certain time, after which you will heal a full life. And in case of refusal of treatment, chaos and degradation await you.

Get carried away with special literature

Take up reading books aimed at curing addiction to alcohol. The modern market is filled with such literature. Most of these books are written by those who have gone through it themselves. Perhaps you will find that it is quite possible to get rid of addiction by being inspired by what you read. This will give you strength.

Create a sobriety calendar

Place a calendar in a prominent place in your home, for example, on the refrigerator, in which you will mark each day of your quit. Every time you want to quit your treatment, look at the calendar, think about how long you have already survived without alcohol, what path to a sober life you have already passed.

Set yourself new goals

For example, "I want to live a whole year without drinking alcohol. "Imagine your pride in yourself and your willpower, when the goal is achieved, amuse your self-esteem. When you suffered from alcoholism, you hurt yourself. But this is in the past, now you have to please yourself with positive emotions.

Check your health

Take a comprehensive examination of your body. During your alcoholism, you have probably acquired a variety of diseases. Don't ignore it. Your goal is a healthy you. Compensate your body for the damage that YOU caused it, restore health. This is your guarantee of a long and fulfilling life.

Find yourself in a new hobby

You have stopped drinking alcohol and you have a lot of free time. It must be filled out so that you have less time to think about whether to give up everything and return to drinking. Think about what you have long wanted to do? Burning wood, playing football, anything that will take your time and distract you from your cravings for alcohol.

Change the scene

You need to unwind. Go on a journey. It doesn't matter whether alone or with a company. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can go to a suburban complex for a few days, where you will rest your body and soul. If it is difficult for you to live in your home because you have negative associations, consider moving. By the way, even if you feel comfortable in your home, you should think about renting an apartment for several months in an unfamiliar area of ​​the city. This will give your brain a signal that a new life has begun for you.

Chat with friends in misfortune

You need to communicate with those who fully understand you. You will understand that you are not alone in your trouble, that there are those who experience exactly the same emotions as you do. Talk about your experiences, remember how you suffered, listen to stories about the suffering of others. You definitely won't want to experience it all again.

Eat Right

Nutrition gives our body the energy it needs to keep you going. Having started to eat balanced healthy foods, you will feel a surge of energy, which you can channel into a peaceful channel. For example, improve your performance at work. In addition, you will fill the body with important elements, which will reduce the risk of side effects from treatment.

Set yourself a material goal

Approach your alcohol addiction from a practical perspective. Calculate how much of your budget was spent on buying alcohol. Start saving that amount for a job, repair, or car purchase.

Go in for sports

As you know, sport is poorly compatible with bad habits, because it reduces endurance. If you are fond of any kind of sport, you will want to achieve certain results. Your alcohol addiction will become an obstacle, and you can easily give it up.

Become a Family Driver

Announce that you want to save your family members from using public transport. Now you are always sober and able to drive a car, even a rented one. No rights? Take a driving course. You cannot drive drunk or hungover. This is another reason to stay sober at all times.

Stay calm

Aggression provokes you to drink alcohol, so you should avoid negative emotions. If you still find it difficult to stay calm, seek a prescription for a sedative.

Get enough sleep

Healthy sound sleep will restore your alcohol-torn nervous system.

Develop intellectual skills

During your alcohol addiction, your brain activity has greatly decreased. Your task is to restore the previous mental activity. Solve crosswords, learn poems, watch documentaries, strive for new knowledge.

Believe in yourself!

The right attitude is the key to success. Yes, you suffered from addiction, but that is a thing of the past. You just have to put in some effort and you will live a healthy, happy life.