how to stop drinking alcohol on your own

Probably all people know that alcohol consumption can develop into a persistent addiction. Despite this, people who managed to completely abandon alcohol, get rid of the habit at home, can be counted on one hand. The question is not only a weak will, in many respects tolerance to alcohol is developed thanks to the opinion of others and established traditions. The alcohol consumption figures are terrifying: eighteen liters of pure alcohol is consumed per person per year. While in the twentieth century, there was no more than 1 liter per person. It's not just about addiction anymore. The question of how to get rid of alcohol addiction is very acute.

Without taking global questions, we can consider the impact of alcohol on a single family. If the husband prefers to drink, then the children wear rags, and the wife looks older than her age. In such families, scandals are commonplace. It is easier to refuse a family member who is drinking, to get rid of his neighborhood than to cure him. The question arises of how to get rid of alcohol addiction, but are there ways to help an alcoholic forget about addiction forever and give up alcohol, to help overcome addiction on his own at home? There are ways, and not even one.

How to get rid of alcoholism on your own

The problem is that not everyone is strong enough to stop drinking on their own, to give up their addiction once and for all. If the question is "How to stop drinking alcohol on your own? "appeared, it means that the person is not hopeless, and you just need to help him find the right approach. First of all, you need to get rid of the company in which they often drink alcohol. If necessary, you can even move to another city and start a new life without alcohol.

The second step to help you quit drinking at home is to find people who have successfully dealt with alcohol addiction. It is necessary to communicate as much as possible with acquaintances who do not experience discomfort from not drinking alcohol. They gave up alcohol forever and from this their life only improved. Such a kind of therapy should help the alcoholic to abandon addiction and eliminate the consequences of drinking.

Free time should be filled with some hobby. It can be breeding aquarium fish, archery, skydiving or any other hobby, the main thing is that the activity should be pleasing. Instead of the old addiction, a new attachment should form in a person, which gives true joy, helps to get rid of thoughts of alcohol.

Consequences of drinking

how to quit drinking
  • Medical. The defeat of the internal organs of varying severity: the liver, the central nervous system suffers. An increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis and lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and other serious consequences for the body. The risk of giving birth to defective offspring also increases.
  • Social. Increase in crime, disability, mortality, increased injury rates.
  • Socio-economic. Decrease in labor productivity.

If you suddenly stop drinking

There is a fairly widespread opinion that if an alcoholic suddenly stops drinking alcoholic beverages, then the consequences for health and the body can be very sad, up to and including death. This is far from a myth, since such data are confirmed by medical professionals. It is especially dangerous to abruptly stop drinking alcoholic beverages during a binge. If an alcoholic is completely cut off access to alcohol, then serious complications should be expected.

The consequences of abruptly avoiding alcoholic beverages:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • excessive stress on the heart;
  • expansion of the coronary vessels;
  • arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke;
  • alcoholic delirium;
  • internal bleeding and so on.

If you do not promptly help the consuming alcohol, then the person may even die. To avoid dire consequences for health and life, it is worth removing the body from a state of hard drinking, not abruptly, but gradually, reducing the dose of alcoholic beverages to zero.

Ways to stop drinking at home

ways to quit drinking alcohol on your own

Treatment is reduced to two types: medicinal and the method of folk recipes. Both the first and the second method should be discussed with a narcologist. The specialist will give effective advice, taking into account the state of the patient's body.

Thus, getting rid of addiction will not have negative consequences for the patient's liver, kidneys and heart.

Folk recipes that will help you quit drinking forever


  1. St. John's wort decoction.Pour 4 tablespoons of chopped St. John's wort with 500 ml of boiling water. Heat the mixture for no more than 30 minutes in a water bath. Drink the infusion 2 times a day for 2 weeks. The patient should develop an aversion to alcohol and stop drinking.
  2. Bearberry broth.Pour 2 tablespoons of bearberry leaves with a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes. Drink a tablespoon of the broth 6 times a day, this should help to quit the addiction.
  3. Broth of oats with calendula.Pour oats into a small saucepan, up to about the middle of the container. Add water and boil over low heat for half an hour, drain. Pour 100 grams of calendula flowers into the broth, insist warm for 12 hours. Filter, drink a glass 3 times a day. At the end of the treatment course, the patient should stop drinking alcohol.


  1. Requires Laurel Root and Lovage. It is necessary to pour the crushed roots with a glass of vodka, leave for 2 weeks. The resulting mixture should be given to an alcoholic to drink; it causes severe vomiting and aversion to alcohol.
  2. Pour chopped leaves of European hoof with a glass of boiling water, leave for 2 weeks in a dark place. About 100 ml of the tincture is mixed with the same amount of vodka and given to the patient in the morning and during lunch. In the evening they are given regular vodka to drink. The remedy should cause severe vomiting, as a result of which the alcoholic will stop drinking.
  3. Mix a tablespoon of thyme, wormwood and centaury and pour a glass of boiling water over. Insist 2 hours in a warm place, covered with a blanket. Strain the solution and give to the alcoholic for two months 4 times a day, a tablespoon.


  1. Grind 20 g each yarrow, wormwood and mint. Add chopped juniper berries, marsh calamus, angelica root (10 g each). Pour a tablespoon of the composition with a glass of boiling water. Insist and give a drink.
  2. Take 20 grams of St. John's wort, yarrow, bitter wormwood. Take 10 grams of creeping cumin and angelica, add 15 grams of mint and 5 grams of common juniper. Grind everything. Pour a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water and drink.

Teas allow you to independently remove alcohol residues from the body and improve your well-being, you need to drink them as much as possible. If you use several methods in combination, you can help a person and achieve good results in overcoming addiction at home. It is possible to defeat the habit at home on your own, to completely get rid of the problem! The patient's desire to stop drinking alcohol gives a lasting result, allows him to defeat the craving for alcohol forever.