how to get rid of alcohol addiction

Alcoholism claims thousands of lives every year. How to stop drinking alcohol on your own at home? The addiction destroys health, psyche. Families break up, unhealthy children are born. According to statistics, about 2% of alcoholics seek medical help.

Many are trying to heal themselves. How to quit drinking alcohol at home, today we will try to figure it out.

How to get rid of the dependency yourself

Why does a person become a drunkard? As a famous person said, alcoholism begins where fantasy ends. Not having come up with a better occupation for himself, a man often drinks, quickly from an "amateur" becomes a "professional". Life goes downhill, it's very difficult to stop.

How to stop drinking alcohol on your own at home? Nowadays there are a lot of advertisements for "effective" drugs, so as not to want to drink, which should help a person overcome an illness. As a rule, it is impossible to refuse vodka, a publicity stunt will not cure the disease.

In the case of alcoholism treatment, it is more relevant: "Help yourself, we will be there. "This applies to those who want to part with the bottle forever, stop drinking at home.


  • A strong man drinking decision. Without this, there is no point in starting treatment. Many people manage to quit drinking thanks to willpower, but such people are few.
  • Most of them need the support of others. The decision to quit often comes out, only in words, so there should be a close person with the patient.
  • Caring, patience of relatives, when a decision is made to part with a bad habit. The result of the treatment will depend on the behavior of others. We must always remember that alcoholism is a disease that is difficult to get rid of. Moral, psychological help from relatives is 50% of success in overcoming the disease.
  • Permanently refuse to meet with "friends". The negative influence of former acquaintances with whom happened to drink, as a rule, diminishes if all contact is completely stopped. It is advisable to spend the first time of treatment with the family.
  • Choose an activity you like. Idleness makes a man crave a drink. A hobby can help distract you. Thoughts, desires take a different direction. An interest in life appears, he sees everything with completely different eyes.
  • Use drugs and alternative medicine to stabilize the condition. In order to relieve intoxication, it is necessary to use medications, and also use folk remedies.
  • There should be no alcoholic drinks in the house. Alcoholism is not only a physiological addiction, but also a psychological one. The presence of alcohol in the house is a great temptation with which a drunkard cannot cope.

How to help

how to stop drinking alcohol on your own

Before starting treatment at home, you need to clearly know what alcoholism is. Men are more likely than women to be affected.

  1. This is due to the fact that the stronger sex is psychologically weaker.
  2. The nervous system of men is less resistant to stress and difficulties.
  3. Instead of solving everyday problems, the stronger sex often just wants to forget them, drowning in a bottle.
  4. In times of stress, they also resort to alcoholic drinks to relax.

Alcohol is not an easy habit that is easy to give up. The longer the use, the more addictive. Alcohol takes part in metabolic processes, the body can no longer do without it. When starting treatment, it is necessary to remember that there is a difficult, long path to recovery.

First of all, you need to remove the intoxication. The length of this period will depend on the stage. Only the initial stages of alcoholism are amenable to treatment, especially at home.

To remove intoxication use:

  • Sorbents.
  • Abundant drink - plain water without gas, various teas, herbal teas.
  • Hepatoprotectors for cleansing the liver.
  • If you are over-excited, you can take sedative tablets.
  • It is advisable to use special medications to improve sleep.

Only those who have firmly decided to end with alcoholism can get out of the binge. If you do this forcibly, the treatment will have no effect, only worse.

How to help your husband stop drinking

Drinking at home - additional worries for a woman. On her shoulders lies the responsibility for her husband to stop drinking. A woman should:

  • Create a healthy home environment.
  • Provide the necessary preparations for the removal of alcohol intoxication.
  • how to stop drinking alcohol on your own
  • To discourage "good friends" who bring alcohol, so that the husband drinks again.
  • Monitor your diet, taking the right medicines, tinctures, herbs.
  • Provide psychological support by acting as a home counselor.
  • Find people who have recovered to help in rehabilitation.
  • At first, control all actions, in order to avoid a breakdown.

After the symptoms of poisoning have been removed, the patient's body needs support. The traditional way is to take a vitamin complex for men, which will replenish it with the necessary minerals, restore immunity faster, and improve the work of all systems.

Alcohol destroys the liver, negatively affects the endocrine glands, which are involved in the production of testosterone.

Alcoholism - impotence words synonyms. Drunkenness deprives a man of strength in the intimate sphere. A woman has to look for simple methods of treatment, often folk remedies.

If a man unconditionally uses herbs, seeks to cope with the problem as soon as possible - this gives a result. At home, it quickly turns out to overcome the disease.

Folk remedies

Alcoholism didn't start yesterday. There are many centuries. Healers were looking for ways to overcome addiction. The recipes were passed down with each generation and have survived to this day.

  • Lack of herbs: in sequence, duration of treatment.
  • Benefits: - no addiction, practically no side effects.

Alternative medicine offers a variety of herbal teas to help those who drink. Folk remedies will help a woman deal with a household solution to the problem of alcoholism.

When choosing herbs, it is necessary to take into account concomitant diseases, so as not to cause harm, not to increase the dosage, to monitor the general condition. In the matter of herbal treatment, a man should trust a woman, follow all recommendations, and not interrupt the course of therapy.

herbal remedy for alcoholism

A ready-made collection against alcoholism can be purchased in pharmacies.

Ingredients: ploon, grass hoof, mint, thyme, butterbur, hogweed.

Consuming this produces a persistent aversion to alcohol:

  • Poison cleansing in progress.
  • The full-fledged work of all organs is started.
  • Method of use is described in the annotation.

Roots of curly sorrel. Take 1 tsp. pour boiling water over, cook for 10 minutes. Insist warm for 3 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. l, 6 times a day.

Centaury, common wormwood. A mixture of herbs 4: 1. 1 table. l. insist in a glass of boiling water for 60 minutes, drain. Drink three times a tablespoon, half an hour before meals.

Narrow-leaved peony, rhizome. Tea l. boil 0. 5 liters of water for 5 minutes, drink 3 times 0. 5 stack.

Thistle, 2 laurels. leaf, 10 grams of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, cook for 10 minutes. Cool, strain to drink a tablespoon before meals.

Drink a little to sample. The duration depends on the condition. Do not increase the dose, laurel causes stomach bleeding.

This is just a small list of herbs that are used for alcoholism. There are herbs that are added to vodka to cause a negative attitude towards drunkenness. They cause vomiting, nausea, and digestive upset:

  • The hoofed bird is crushed, added to alcohol in 1-2 grams.
  • Lovage. Make an infusion - stand 1 tablespoon for an hour, add to alcohol.
  • Chemeritsa - a poisonous plant requires careful use. 1 tbsp. l. pour 50 gr. boiling water, insist an hour. Dripping 2 into vodka, increasing the dose until you are completely disgusted with it

It is up to you to decide which treatment to choose.

How to stop drinking alcohol on your own

Is this possible? There are answers to these questions. In order to overcome cravings, willpower is needed.

There are cases when, thanks to her, without outside help, a man permanently refused alcohol. No temptations could force him to take up the old. Unfortunately, this is an exception to the rule.

how to stop drinking alcoholic beverages

Alcohol makes a man weak, weak-willed, dependent on circumstances. A girl, meeting with a guy who comes on a date with a degree, does not even know what this can lead to. A woman who is faced with the problem of alcoholism in the family has a special role to play.

It often happens when to quit drinking alcohol at home is an impossible task for many. If there is no moral support, a man cannot get out of hell himself. Alcoholism has been compared to insanity.

If you do not stop in time, the drinker loses his human qualities, is lost to society and family. We hope that the article helped someone to make the right choice.