Without the help of doctors: how to stop drinking alcohol on your own

It is difficult to find a family in which alcohol has not become a traditional guest not only on holidays, but also in the evening after work. Nevertheless, many, fearing the consequences of alcohol addiction, try to take the path of sobriety.

In some cases, this requires resorting to the help of narcologists. However, not everyone wants to advertise their problem. It is quite possible to solve it at home.

Warning signs

the first signs and symptoms of alcoholism

There's nothing dangerous about a glass of wine at a gala dinner. Many doctors even claim that small amounts of alcohol are beneficial. However, sometimes alcohol imperceptibly becomes a part of a person's life.

Based on a number of signs, it is possible to determine that the use of intoxicating drinks has become a bad habit that requires treatment.

Dangerous symptoms include:

  • drinking alcohol more than 2 times a week;
  • drinking alcohol for no reason or as a relaxing remedy after work;
  • lack of pleasure from things that delight non-drinkers without another dose of alcohol;
  • drinking alcoholic drinks just like that, without company;
  • blackouts;
  • bad mood, conflict and aggressiveness without alcohol;
  • uncontrollable behavior after drinking, committing inappropriate actions that are unusual for a person in a sober state;
  • desire for a drink from a hangover.

These signs indicate the initial stage of alcoholism, which has already become a disease. A person can go to work, lead a normal life, be an accomplished and respected person, and at the same time depend on alcohol. Often the drinker does not realize that at this stage he needs treatment.

Is it possible to recover

It is important to recognize the problem in time and start dealing with it. Signs of addiction should alert the drinker and those around him. Do not wait for the moment when drunkenness will become regular. When an alcoholic ceases to control himself, only a narcologist and medication will help.

Important!The second stage of alcoholism in most cases requires specialist treatment.

A visit to the clinic is not a pleasant event. If this is a government agency, then the disease is reported to the place of work, after which there may be problems with climbing the career ladder and finding a job. Treatment by a narcologist becomes a stigma for life.

A person who realizes that alcohol consumption has imperceptibly turned into a habit and may soon develop into a disease, must immediately take action, without waiting for the aggravation of the situation.

How to give up forever

how to stop drinking alcohol at home

Getting rid of addiction is difficult. For this, it is important that the alcoholic himself wants to be cured and shows a strong character.

There is no need to go straight to the clinic or resort to serious procedures like coding. There are several popular home treatments for alcoholism.

Conditioned reflex therapy

This method is based on the use of pharmaceutical preparations, the active substance of which causes a negative reaction to alcohol.

Such tools are harmless on their own. However, in combination with alcoholic beverages, they cause a number of unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, drops in blood pressure, nausea, sometimes even vomiting.

Important!Before using pharmacy drugs for alcoholism, you should familiarize yourself with side effects and contraindications.

These tools have worked well. Fans of strong drinks eventually completely abandon alcohol after drug withdrawal. Even the smell of alcohol causes a negative reaction. You can buy the drugs at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Alternative therapy

Such treatment is based primarily on self-hypnosis and consists in conducting magic rituals and reading conspiracies. Alternative therapy will be effective if the patient believes in the other world.

Alcohol treatment services are often offered by healers. However, the drinker can conduct the ritual on his own, or you can ask for help from close friends or relatives.

Professionals are skeptical about this method of addiction treatment. Nevertheless, judging by the reviews of those who have been cured in unconventional ways, faith can work miracles.

Psychological Literature

how to stop drinking alcohol

Psychological assistance is effective in treating alcoholism. You don't have to go to a specialist center or make an appointment with a psychologist. Today it is enough to find the right literature.

Many authors have consulted this topic. Each of them has their own approach to the treatment of alcoholism. The books outline the consequences of the disease and advice on how to get rid of the destructive habit.

The most popular publication of this kind is called Alain Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Drinking". Drunkenness is not the only bad habit that the author helped his readers get rid of. He also penned works on the fight against obesity and smoking.

Popular motivational books include Roy Escapa's Drinking To Stop Drinking, Terence T. Gorski's Staying Sober - A Guide to Preventing Relapse, and many others.

Treatment without consequences

When treating addiction, it is important to consider 2 points: do not harm the treatment and do not return to a bad habit later.

Important!If you have any health problems while treating alcoholism, you should see a doctor.

In an effort to save money, some instead of pharmaceuticals that cause aversion to alcohol, use folk remedies of the same action. Clefthoof grass, Lobel's hellebore, ram ram and other herbs are added to food and drinks.

These are poisonous plants that can be fatal even in minimal quantities. From folk remedies, a decoction of herbs such as thyme, wormwood, centaury, calendula and valerian is acceptable.

In order not to return to a bad habit, it is recommended to replace it with a useful one. An interesting activity will distract from the thoughts of alcohol. At the initial stage, everyone has a desire to drink. The alcoholic should not feel guilty about this. It is important to get over this moment and not feel willpower by attending parties with strong drinks.


A few simple tips to help alcoholics fight binge:

  1. Admit your problem.
  2. At the slightest sign of addiction, start treatment.
  3. Be patient: alcoholism treatment is a long process.
  4. Enlist the help of friends and family.
  5. Avoid health-threatening treatments.
  6. Find an exciting activity or hobby for yourself: handicrafts, drawing, sports, and so on.
  7. Avoid celebrations and drinking parties.
  8. Find the right motivation. Literature on psychology will help to achieve the goal.


how to stop drinking at home on your own

The fact that alcoholism can be dealt with without the help of specialists is evidenced by the numerous stories of former drinkers.

Here is one of them:I tried alcohol when I was 20 and never thought I would face the problem of alcoholism. However, I was wrong. At first I drank with friends on Fridays, and later almost every day. Only willpower and motivational videos on the Internet helped me get rid of alcoholism. When I had a desire to drink, I watched a video about the consequences of alcoholism. Gradually, the craving for alcohol disappeared. Now I allow myself some alcohol on holidays.


For addiction treatment, you can use either one of the proposed methods or all methods at once. It all depends on the specific case. The main thing is not to rush to the clinic, where coding is most often advised to get rid of drunkenness. Such a procedure does not always help and negatively affects the state of health, therefore, it is better to resort to it only in extreme cases.

Everyone can defeat alcoholism at home on their own. Of course, this is a difficult test, and you will have to work hard to overcome the craving for alcohol. However, willpower and support from loved ones will help in this difficult situation.