how to stop drinking on your own

Millions of people are trying to get out of the net of alcoholism, to defeat it. After all, this disease is serious and terrible. It takes away health, leads to degradation and destroys the family.

How to stop drinking alcohol on your own? Is this possible or does it require serious help to get rid of the bad habit?

The face of the green serpent

The daily habit of passing a mood glass after a hard day to get rid of fatigue becomes stable and develops into a pernicious passion. A person ceases to cope with himself: allegedly does not want to drink, but drinks for confidence. Alcohol gradually acquires the status of the main product in the human body, it becomes an important distributor of energy. And at this stage it is very difficult to stop drinking on your own. It can be cured if a number of conditions are met.

Important Steps:

  • Alcohol addiction appears (it's easier to get rid of it early).
  • It develops primarily in the brain stem structures and acts on the entire NS, treatment affects organs and systems.
  • The disease takes over metabolic processes.
  • The liver begins to produce an excessive number of enzymes that break down alcohol.

Important to know!If the liver is normal, it is itself capable of producing internal-type alcohol. It is he who acts on the receptors that the mood hormones synthesize. With constant binges, internal alcohol is not produced in sufficient quantities, and then this process fades away completely.

This is where a complete dependence on a glass comes, and it becomes difficult to quit drinking on your own, since an attempt to plunge into a sober life and get rid of binges instantly causes boredom. A depression comes, and the patient looks into the glass again. If the enzymes for the breakdown of alcohol by the body are not produced and they do not come from the outside, a call goes to the brain to drink! Therefore, a man cannot quit drinking on his own for purely physiological reasons.

Social promiscuity or illness?

how to stop drinking alcohol

At a certain point, a person begins to lose the ability to socially adapt.

Most people see licentious behavior in alcoholism. It is not right. The nature of alcoholism is a real disaster, from which it is difficult to get rid of and stop drinking on your own. What are the symptoms of alcoholism? For alcoholism, as for a chronic disease, phases of exacerbations are characteristic, which are replaced by remission. Criteria for the formed dependence:

  • Pathological alcohol cravings.
  • The need to take extra alcohol (get drunk).
  • The belief that you should have a little drink in the morning to feel good, and getting rid of this thought is difficult.

Alcoholics eat little; on drinking days they refuse food. They have enough energy from alcohol. However, the body is poor in terms of proteins and fats, trace elements and vitamins. This causes violations of almost all systems and organs, which are very difficult to cure, therefore, it is difficult to help yourself.

Therapeutic dose and when does withdrawal occur?

Sometimes medics consider getting drunk as vital. The lack of other means to relieve metabolic disorders, get rid of toxins, makes you use a little alcohol. Otherwise, the person may be on the brink.

The most common disease of alcoholics - cirrhosis of the liver - can be fatal.

At the last stage of alcoholism, liver functions are impaired, cirrhosis develops, the pancreas and heart muscle also suffer. It is impossible to cure them and restore their functions. Severe intoxication leads to mental disorders (delirium tremens, misperception, and hallucinations). Quitting drinking on your own is out of the question.

Constantly receiving large amounts of ethanol from the outside, the body is forced to independently rebuild the metabolism for alcohol. As soon as alcohol stops flowing and the person stops drinking, the metabolism begins to normalize. It happens slowly, bit by bit, but extremely painful. Physical and mental suffering is pronounced. Few people endure such a condition. To get rid of the agony, it is much easier for the alcoholic to pour in another dose.

The mechanism of alcohol addiction is similar to drug addiction. The thirst for intoxication generates craving for tomorrow's dose, and when canceled, an unpleasant state begins - withdrawal. It is possible to cure this with an independent desire to quit drinking.

How to overcome addiction?

how to stop drinking alcohol

At the next stages, any treatment is built. These are prerequisites for a successful healing process to get rid of alcoholism.

It is very important that family and friends support the alcoholic in his quest to quit drinking.

There are reliable and proven ways to stop drinking:

  1. The alcoholic must admit the problem on his own.
  2. The addicted person should want to get rid of harmful drinking.
  3. The union of the patient and his family is very important.

Now you can cure the disease and stop drinking with the help of medication. There are many specialty pharmaceuticals called receptor blockers. A person after taking them drinks alcohol, but the state of joy and bliss does not come. He becomes ill, so the meaning of drinking is lost. To defeat the green snake, you need to fight not only on your own, treatment also involves antidepressant drugs and tranquilizers, and in case of an acute manifestation of aggressiveness, antipsychotics are also indicated. A serious drawback of the drug therapy is the symptomatic effect of drugs and the negative side effects of their use.

There are also different kinds of coding to get rid of alcohol addiction. This protection from alcoholism is created artificially, that is, the processes of the body are invaded from the outside.

Handled the problem myself!

It is very important to normalize your diet and completely change your lifestyle. It is necessary to include exercise and walking in the daily routine.

how to stop drinking at home

This thesis is often discussed by narcologists. And the answer is unequivocal: an alcoholic can get rid of the problem on his own and stop drinking. Just let the readers not get the false impression that it is easy to throw off the burden of drunkenness.

Self-treatment is associated with an acute and painful physical condition (high blood pressure, pain in the heart and stomach). Depression can pester. Therefore, not everyone can quit drinking alcohol on their own.

Remember!A sober life means a complete rejection of any alcohol, and non-alcoholic too. Its smell and taste, the sight of the bottle excites, a person may even feel a slight imaginary intoxication, and this brings the breakdown closer, and it becomes more difficult to cure the ailment. It is worth clarifying that self-treatment does not run counter to medication. On the contrary, it is necessary when contacting a narcologist.

There are practical tips from real people, and the foundation is seeing and understanding the true enemy. Hate him and love yourself. Draw a mental picture of your real achievements before the illness.

How to quit drinking and win on your own:

  1. It is important to cleanse the blood and the whole body from "green" toxins (ethanol and its metabolites) at home. The body, of course, will independently remove them, but this will take a long time. Help him recover, there are many ways. It is good to use oatmeal broth (3-5 glasses). Before that, do at least 2 enemas per day.
  2. Mercilessly destroy any physical reminders and trappings of alcohol (glasses, cans, empty bottles, beer and wine boxes). Thoroughly rinse all household utensils containing chlorine preparations. It is not difficult to do this at home.
  3. Cutting off any relationship with drinking companions is a way to quit drinking on your own.
  4. Do not sniff alcohol, do not smoke, it weakens the treatment.
  5. Don't go to alcohol sales points.

Next Steps:

  • Strictly follow the laws of dietary nutrition, do not overload the liver and digestive tract.
  • Find your favorite and interesting activity (sports, swimming, skiing and cycling).
  • Find like-minded people! Alcoholics Anonymous can be used.
  • Realize that you need to tune yourself, be patient. Use the techniques of constant self-hypnosis at home. With all your might, discard the temptations of alcohol.

When cravings return and overpower the patient:

negative consequences of alcohol addiction
  • Breathing exercises help well (oxygen will enter the brain and dull the severity of an attack of alcoholic desire).
  • Fight the disease on a daily basis, do not miss any opportunities to heal yourself.
  • You need to instill that you have a powerful inner core, it will hold back any attempts to drink, and the treatment will be successful. This will help you quit drinking alcohol on your own!

Infuse into a healthy life, not in a jerk, but gradually, but steadily. So the treatment will be more productive, and it will be possible to quit drinking completely independently at home. Frequent trips to the bathhouse with a steam room will not hurt. After the bath, it's good to drink some tea, better with honey!

Remember!It is best to quit drinking on your own at home, the rest of the methods are auxiliary means.

Don't look that these rules are simple and available at home. You will have to sweat, but such treatment will certainly give results in five to six months. Confidence will not come earlier than in a year! Craving for alcohol will disappear, giving up alcohol will become a reality.