How much alcohol to drink?

how much alcohol can you drink

British scientists, trying to identify the risk group, which include people who abuse alcohol, have come to a terrible conclusion. Men who drink eight servings per evening for a week (about one and a half liters of wine), and women who drink six servings (a little more than a liter of wine) of alcohol can be classified as potential alcoholics. People who, by their own definition, believe that they drink a lot are also at risk. The definition of an alcohol measure, how to calculate your "critical dose" and what dose of alcohol will be already dangerous for the body - is written below.

How to achieve mild drunkenness

A liver disease specialist claims that as people get older, people mistakenly believe that they know how to drink alcohol without harm to their health. The liver does not immediately signal a malfunction, and an extra glass of wine after dinner can be fatal for it.

According to the eminent doctor, addiction is a key problem for alcoholics. He advises avoiding the daily use of drinks with a degree, for example, for three days in a row, do not drink them at all. So, the body, having returned to its tone, will wean itself from the effects of alcohol, you do not have to use it in large quantities in order to feel a slight intoxication and achieve a relaxation effect.

Getting drunk

The problem is that people often drink more than the body can accept without consequences. And they ask themselves the question: if I feel good, after taking half a bottle of wine in one evening, why give up the pleasure? This is not enough to get drunk, but for health damage it is. Few people know that such a dose is five servings of alcohol, which significantly exceeds the daily norm not only for women, but also for men.

How much can a woman and a man drink

The physical parameters of the stronger and weaker sex differ in the recommended dosages of alcohol intake. Therefore, there is a big difference between how much a man needs to drink to stay within the bounds of decency and how much a woman needs to do this.

It is abuse for a woman to drink six or more servings of alcohol per day, for a man - eight. In order to determine how much alcohol you can drink, you must also take into account health status, height, weight and age.

The number of alcohol servings in popular drinks:

  • beer: 0. 5 l. - about 3;
  • wine 12%, 170 ml - 2. 1;
  • liqueur: 17%, 50 ml - 0. 9;
  • champagne: 12%, 17 ml - 2. 1;
  • vodka: 37. 5%, 25 ml - 0. 9;
  • whiskey: 40%, 35 ml - 1. 4.

Alcohol tests for drivers

A driver is deemed sober if the test shows no more than 0. 16 milligrams of alcohol per 1000 milliliters of air when exhaled. Any excess will be recognized as alcoholic intoxication. Many people are interested in the question: how much can you drink to be able to "cheat" the breathalyzer? Ideally, not at all. Maximum fifty milligrams of wine or 20 milligrams of champagne per hour of time, since such alcoholic beverages dissolve rather quickly in the blood. Strong drinks should not be consumed. It is also worth remembering that the concentration of alcohol in the blood depends on many factors: weight, time of intake, and so on, so it is very difficult to accurately guess the allowable rate.

Take a sober view of life and, while delighting yourself with your favorite alcoholic drinks, do not ignore the sense of proportion.